Sheryl Diane


Sheryl Diane’s life has long been centered around singing, playing piano, and writing songs.  The fifth in a maternal line of singing-along piano players, Sheryl grew up in Montana listening to and being influenced by music from America’s 1920s and 1930s before spontaneously starting to write her own songs when she was in her 20s.

She later moved to New Orleans, where she performed at the National World War II Museum, busked in the streets of the city’s legendary French Quarter, and could be found doing swing gigs at Harrah’s Casino.  It was during this time in New Orleans that Sheryl truly discovered her voice and affinity for swing music.

Since moving to Seattle in the 1990s, Sheryl released her debut EP, Blackberry Love, in 2004.  That EP was followed by her first album, Sheryl Diane’s Dream Carnival, which was launched in 2011.  Over the years, Sheryl has worked at nearly every aspect of the music industry; as a college radio DJ, as a promoter at clubs, in concert programming and production, as a booking agent and audio engineer, all while continuing to expand her own expertise as a music educator and performer.