Sheryl Diane

Dream Carnival

Sheryl Diane
Sheryl Diane


Performing on this track: Sheryl Diane (keyboard), Mike Peterson (drums), Geoff Harper (bass), Nelson Bell (trombone), Jaxin Skyward (carnival talker), Steve Feasley (chief engineer), Sheryl Diane (producer)


Dream Carnival lyrics

By Sheryl Diane

Step this way to experience

marvels of the modern age and mythic

monstrosities extracted from the

Emerald Realm


Folks let me remind you

these fascinating exhibits are

presented solely for the purpose of

education and science


Undoubtedly the most captivating and

startling sights you will ever see


There is a slight admission charge and

we don't apologize for that


Enter now the mystical, irresistible

Dream Carnival


Come along step right up

who will be brave

test your muscle against

Hanford the giant

Say what you think!

Missing link? Man or beast?

You decide!