Sheryl Diane

Mirror Maze

Sheryl Diane
Sheryl Diane


Performing on this track: Sheryl Diane (voice/wurlitzer) Mike Peterson (drums) Geoff Harper (upright bass) Nelson Bell (trombone)


Mirror Maze lyrics

By Sheryl Diane


Can you see in the mirror

Can you know all around

Take a turn just to see if you can

Find your silly self


So many possibilities crowd the glass

So many choices to fail or pass

There's no one guiding you to where you're headed to

Did you happen to wear sensible shoes?


You went in on the bet of a friend

Go ahead and shout, when you can't get out

But the Carnie won't come to help


Can you check your reflection?

Can you fix it or trade?

For this is now and forever

'til your light's gonna fade


So swim in the silver, heed the divine

Infinite angles on your shoes that shine

It's all up to YOU to figure a way through

Did you happen to refuse every clue?


You got stalled in a bitter dead end

Risk a fool's yell, stay just where you fell

But the Carnie won't come to help