Sheryl Diane


Sheryl Diane
Sheryl Diane


Performing on this track: Sheryl Diane (voice/keyboard) Brian Young (drum sequences) Gerald Turner II (bass) Thaddeus Turner (guitar) Steve Feasley (chief engineer) Sheryl Diane (producer)


Monday run off, rush away

gone to catch a bus

and a quick glimpse of

some natural beauty

going nowhere roads

labyrinth under the

gray day’s discontent

a golden canopy of leaves

bounces nickel raindrops

onto the zigzag grid

taillights crying out red-eyed

leaving you with cobra spit

mirrorized by the view and the sure-fire hits on the



Somehow, Someday,

It’ll all work out.


Crimson morning yesteryear

same ol’ what am I doin’ here?

Turning up the close collar

seeking heat

drive by like a

missile glistening

red-eyed roadways

keep chasing down

that winding dollar design



sealed into my

tarnished time capsule

shiftin through

some long lost reverie

from our forbidden cafe

where we were so

content to watch

the lost penny

in the middle of the sidewalk