Sheryl Diane


Sheryl Diane
Sheryl Diane


Performing on this track: Sheryl Diane (voice/piano) Kevin Guess (drums) Kate Coniff (bass) Steve Feasley (chief engineer) Sheryl Diane (producer)


Turnaround lyrics

By Sheryl Diane

(c) 2003

Footsteps keep falling as you are walking wounded

on the downside of night

trying to retrace the tracks

that lead so many years back


everyday so hard to say

why you carry so much wrath

a bitter burden so like a

child’s unspeakable grief

a penance you can’t release


turnaround, turnaround

what I wouldn’t give if you would (what I wouldn’t give if you could... turn ..... turn)


A blurry beacon

buried in the fog

guiding the moth

where oh where

did you wander off?

Where oh where

did you wander off?


But you turn into this

gritty gray delusion

a granulated dark of daze

where a trusted Cereberus lays

here at Hades threshold

and the streets

are still accepting

this winter of soul,

this winter of soul.