Sheryl Diane

Wish You Weren't

Sheryl Diane
Sheryl Diane


Performing on this track: Sheryl Diane (voice/keyboard), Gerald Turner II (bass), Loren Routh (guitar),

Brian Young (drum sequences) Steve Feasley (chief engineer) Sheryl Diane (producer)


Wish You Weren't lyrics

By Sheryl Diane


I spoke none too soon

And I moved much too late

Could it be true? Good things come to those who don't hesitate


hmmm I wish you weren't

So tempting to me


False pause begging indiscretion

what is it your manner relates

how can I ignore you

when you design to call The Fates?


Your subtle smile entertains

What do you hope to gain?

Cool and composed I must suppose

from one so bold

Is this just your pattern

To have and to hold


Crushed indecision,

cultivated last deserts

should not I trust?

or just demure


I spoke none too soon and

I moved much too late

could it be true, could it be true